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Gain knowledge on how to reduce your energy use

Harvesting Energy Savings 

Ag-STAR Training Series

Each workshop provides an Engineering 101 review of a subsystem at your agribusiness facility. Our engineers will walk you through the subsystem, highlight opportunities to improve your energy efficiency, and review how the Ag-STAR program can earn you rebates or incentives.

Event Location

Join our Harvesting Energy Savings Training Series at the San Diego Farm Bureau

All events will take place at 1pm on their respective dates.

Harvesting Energy Savings events will be hosted simultaneously via webinar for virtual attendees.

Upcoming Harvesting Energy Savings Events

Image by Mitchell Luo


Alberto Pezzani & Madi Salem

March 14, 2023

Self-Service Videos

Learn at your own pace and gain knowledge of your subsystems through quick video lessons without impacting your busy schedule.

Checking Lettuce Growth

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